Duration Time: 16 Minutes. ·  Quality: 1080 HD ·  Produced by: SHOPLYFTERMYLF.COM

Take pleasure with this very hot scene produced by SHOPLYFTER MYLF and starring by the super SXXXY MYLF pornstar, Alexis Malone.

Alexis is a hot unemployed mom who wants the best for her daughter but can’t afford it. As officer Jack catches her with a pair of unpaid earrings, she confesses having stolen them as an early Christmas gift for her girl. The officer has to be thorough, so he does a full security check on her. As Alexis’ clothes come off, it’s clear she is using her luscious ass and precious boobs to get away with the crime, but the security guard decides to let her go with a warning. Not happy, Alexis begs him to erase the tapes and let her have the earrings. After Jack’s refusal, she makes a sexy deal with him so they can both get what they want. Seduced by the temptress’ amazing body, Jack pulls his cock out for a nasty blowjob. At his turn, he goes down on her for a moan-filled oral session, getting Alexis ready for an intense plow on officer Jack’s desk.

Enjoy it…

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