Violet Summers Penthouse Pet of the Month April 2020 Interview

On her upbringing …
“I’m from a small town where everyone knows one another. I lived by the lake, which I loved because I spent every waking minute playing outside. I was a dancer and a cheerleader.”

On what she loves most about her job …
“I work for myself, so no one is telling me what I can and cannot do. I love the fact that I’m able to be myself. I feel very blessed to have such solid fans and followers. They are the reason I have such a free-spirited, amazing life.”

On what she does in her downtime …
“I love hiking, Rocket League, longboarding, and listening to oldies. I am a big fan of food, bubble baths, dancing, and playing with my cats. I love The Office, Rick and Morty, Roseanne, and any movie with Adam Sandler or Seth Rogan in it.”

On the hottest sex scene in a movie …
“Obviously that scene in Fear when Mark Wahlberg fingerbangs Reese Witherspoon on the roller-coaster. I watched it in the fourth grade and was confused why my panties were wet.”

On Paris Hilton …
“I love her. She reminds me that I don’t have to take life too seriously. She does her own thing no matter what the world says.”

On her ultimate sexual fantasy …
“I’ve always wanted to fuck the bellboy at a hotel. In fact, every time I’m in a hotel it crosses my mind. It just seems like the perfect way to say thank-you after they’ve hauled all that heavy luggage.”

On her ultimate celebrity sexual fantasy …
“Johnny Cash.”

On her biggest turn-on …
“Dirty talk. Biting. Being dominated.”

On her biggest turn-off …
“This one time, a guy was chewing gum the entire time we were having sex and it was all I could focus on. So, yeah … probably that.”

On her favorite sex position …
“When I’m laying down on my stomach and a guys fully on top. He penetrates me from there deeply. Legs and body are straight.”

Model information:

· Artistic Name: Violet Summers
· Date of birth: 1998, November 28
· Birthplace:Phoenix, Arizona, USA
· Birth Sign: Sagittarius
· Age: 23 Years (july/2022)
· Measurements: 34C-23-35
· Height: 5 Feet 1 Inch
· Hair Color: Hazel
· Eye Color: Hazel

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Instagram | Twitter | WWW.VIOLETSUMMERS.COM

Original Mini Biography and Photos by:

SXXXY Pictorial

The super sexy and gorgeous SXXXYMODEL Violet Summers pose to PENTHOUSE in a beautiful black lingerie set.


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